Thursday, 29 September 2016

I Am Really, Really Rude

This entry has nothing to do with digital literacy but everything to do with my own personal development.

I am really, really rude.

I have recently learned this about myself based on three separate incidents in the past few days. It all started when I stopped at our local grocery store to pick up a few items before coming home after work.
Nothing too special, just a couple of things – a quick “hunter-gatherer” moment then off to home. As I was standing in the aisle looking at what I needed and trying to make a decision, there was a person behind me. Apparently, the woman wanted to go around me but I was blocking her way and she felt the need to tell me.  The problem is, I didn’t quite hear what she said.

Okay, I don’t always wear my hearing aids when I am out and about and when I shop I tend to be in my own little world where I am pretty much oblivious to those around me. But I honestly didn’t hear this person. She must have repeated herself because as she pushed by me she said, “Hey, I’m speaking to you and you are really rude!”.  I wonder if she even considered the possibility that I may not have heard her.

It happened to me again. I received a letter in the post that I was scheduled for a mammogram. The NHS has a very large mobile unit that travels to different areas in the county, parks in an available parking lot and those that live in the area are sent a letter for their check-up. So I went to mine.

The woman taking the x-rays spoke so fast I couldn’t understand what she was saying. I asked her to please repeat what she said and could she please slow down a bit because I missed what she said and I needed to read her lips. She did at first, but then kept speaking behind me, to the side of me, and all very fast. I tried really hard to focus on what she was saying. But I don’t like being exposed in such a vulnerable way. I have this woman who is trying to speak to me whilst I am naked from the waist up having pictures taken of my breasts and I'm trying to pretend I'm somewhere else.

Then she appears to the right side of me and says, “Are you all right because you are being really, really rude to me?”  Okay. I’m back in the room now. “Pardon me?” She says, “You keep shaking your head and you are being really rude to me.” “I’m sorry, I didn’t hear what you said and I wasn’t aware I was shaking my head.” She went on to explain she was doing a “service for me” (I should be grateful). And while she is correcting my behaviour, I am standing in front of her with my arms across my chest because I am embarrassed talking to her with no clothes on.  Hopefully, I was humble and apologetic  enough to appease her hurt feelings.

Now I’m not just "really rude", I am really, really rude. As I was driving home from work on the A55, I am genuinely mindful of my speed. The speed limit is 70 – and I usually go about 80.  There is a man behind me (an Audi, of course) who is right on my tail. But, I
can’t move over in the “slow” lane because there is no room for me. Eventually, he slows down a bit and drops back but there is still no space for me to move over. Finally, there is an opportunity and I am able to switch lanes. Mr Audi speeds up and as he passes me, he takes his hands off the steering wheel and applauds me. Yes. I am rude.

So the last few days have been quite educational for me. I have learned that I may not come across to others as the nice person that I would like to think I am, but I am, in fact, really, really rude. 

Well, at least to those three *#?*!%*s anyway! 

Have you been surprised at how others perceive you?

How have you responded?

**please no "rude" comments, I just can't take it. Ha, ha. 


  1. Just remind yourself that their behaviour is a reflection of themselves that they are transferring onto you. You can't control their thoughts/behaviour/actions. Water off a duck's back!!

    1. Absolutely. I find it quite remarkable that three things happened in a row like that. I must become more self-aware; or just not care!

  2. I was about to reply with exactly the same thing as Avtar Ram Kaur above. It can be easier said than done but keep reminding yourself that their behaviour is their problem. Don't try to change yourself for people you'll likely never meet again x

    1. Thank you so much. You are really, really nice!xx

  3. The smart @$$ in me wants to come up with witty, pointed, put-them-in-their-place-permanently comebacks. The Christian in me says let it roll off like water in a duck's back. I feel like the cartoons where a little "me" angel and devil are arguing on my cheeks to convince me which one I should follow. Sometimes I make the wrong choice (you have to guess which one that is, because the scriptures do tell us to upbraid at times). Ultimately, you look for the teaching moment. Sometimes your silence and an uncomfortable stare is enough to shut them down. Sometimes you need to speak up.
    All that said, you, Mendy, are a daughter of God. Perfect? No, but working towards it. Take it all with a grain of salt, seriously contemplate their point of view, fix what you can, and leave the judgements in His capable hands. It all comes out in the wash. And Karma can be a real 8!+€#.
    Love you!💞

    1. Aw...thank you so you loads!xxx

  4. We live in time where sensitivity is becoming more normal. Most people now act as if it isn't possible to get through their day without finding something wrong with the way other people talk and act, no matter how trivial. These sensitive snow flakes, these precious fragile yet apparently perfect individuals behave this way to make themselves feel better about their existence. Thank you political correctness.

    From your son
    SGT Wood

    1. Thank you so much, son! I love you lots and miss you more!!!xxx


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