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Digital Literacy & Some "Novel" Friends

Digital Literacy & Some "Novel" Friends


Modern technology is an amazing thing. Anyone with a computer and Internet access can become an electronic publisher (just look at this blog). While the Web explodes with information, finding the information you want all comes down to doing research and using the Web to the fullest advantage. Whether it be for marketing purposes, social connections, research, photography, videos or writing, the Web is an equal opportunity provider - everyone has great opportunities just a mouse click away. 


I thought I would share a few opportunities that the Web has given to me. Firstly, family history research and finding ancestors that would have taken lots of letter writing, phone calls and travel to find. Not to mention the hours of research at local libraries and archive centres. After thirty years of research, more and more has become available on line and I am now connected to cousins that I never knew existed before. 

I have even found the connections to the UK on both sides of my family – something I thought I would never find. Some ancestors great, and some not-so-great; but all connected to me.

The great ones are an amazing find. Like, for example: Thomas Lanier "Tennessee" Williams III was an American playwright and author of many stage classics. Along with Eugene O'Neill and Arthur Miller he is considered among the three foremost playwrights in 20th-century American drama. Yes, he is a distant cousin of mine. 

My friends have done well in the novel business. 

My cousin, TJ Morris: 

If you like Sci-Fi, Action, Adventure and Thrillers - you'll love this. His stories are available on line, but soon will be published.

Another good friend, J Scott Bronson, is an actor, playwright, and novelist. Have a look at his latest: 

Yes, books and the Kindle version to keep you connected online (so to speak). It’s all there and available for you to enjoy. 

I can't talk about friends and relatives writing books without mentioning my buddy and good friend: Devery Anderson who wrote an amazing book about the murder of Emmett Till. 
Emmett Till: The Murder That Shocked the World and Propelled the Civil Rights Movement 
Available in print, in Kindle and soon as an audio-book. Excellent reading either way.
 Brock MacDonald says that, “On the Internet, "anything goes." Anyone can put anything they want on a Web site, there is no review or screening process, and there are no agreed-upon standard ways of identifying subjects and creating cross-references. This is both the glory and the weakness of the Net - it's either freedom or chaos, depending on your point of view…” (UTM Library, accessed 2016) 

Whether you are using the Internet to create and express yourself or
following the traditional book writing novelist, just do it. Get yourself a blog, write yourself a book, read, create, just do. Your digital footprint has the capacity to walk around the world – think what doors may open for you and what windows of opportunity await. 

Have you thought about writing a blog or perhaps writing a book? Is this something you might consider doing? There are lots of websites available to help you get started. Think how important your words will mean to your future generation - why not get started?

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