Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Digital Literacy & Going Mobile

I did it. I got an Apple mobile phone. Not that I am really down with the “I must have the latest technology” – I just lost my phone.  I couldn't find it anywhere and after Husband spent a day in London and noticed that people seemed to be more connected than him, he realised that his mobile phone just wasn't quite up to speed. Literally

It seemed the timing was right to get new phones; and Husband did it. He got the Apples; and now, I have a Smart Phone!

It is pretty impressive what applications (apps) can be added to my little Apple. But I must admit, I was very disappointed in the sound.  I do have some wearable technology (my hearing aids) that help with my hearing, but even with those devices in place, I just found it very difficult to hear using the actual phone.

Best answer – have son-in-law take a look at my phone when visiting daughter in Liverpool. “The internal speaker is obviously broke – you need to send it back to Apple or take it to an Apple store.” Great. I only just got it. It must have
come to me that way. I mentioned this news to Husband; he was not amused.
Last night, it occurred to me whilst Husband was recovering from some outdoor gardening, that I had him in just the right position to help me with my phone.

“Please, can you help me with this. I can’t hear it very well when I am using it.”

Husband looked it over carefully. He rang the mobile number from the land line. “Yes,” he concluded, “There is definitely something wrong with the sound on this.” 

That’s when he decided to take my Apple phone out of its’ really cool, “if you drop it, it shouldn't break” case. That’s when he removed the plastic covering that I left on my shiny new phone to keep the surface clean and scratch free. It seemed the plastic covering was covering the audio…so, I couldn't hear it very well. Now Husband says he can hear my conversation when I speak to someone on the phone because it is so “bloody loud”.

Sheesh. I told you I was a “digitally literate wannabe”; I never said I was one. 

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